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"Sunday at 10am"
15th July 2001

You stopped me from a rushing life
To get a glance and looked right into my eyes!

You have a look that I have never seen? So magnetic!
And oh! You are so sparkling and clean!

No creases on your clothes? Not a hair out of place?
Your hands and face? Not a wrinkle in any space!

My! You walked the square of three...
I have heard it's the whole wide world!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit are thee!

I read the message you wrote in red! And if I wasn't in a hurry...
I would have known more from the fine print further ahead.

So! I judged you! Like all people do, you don't need not one thing!
Didn't you expect that response too?

Did not give you what you asked for...
Please forgive me as I cannot ignore...

And why did you pick me from all the rest?
Your look of being non-judgemental probably thought it best.

I have always searched for the perfect man.
I'm glad I met you! 'Sunday at 10am'.

P.S. And I know I will see you again...

by Angie 'K'
Meeting By Chance by Angie 'K' (Angela Kolistasis)

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