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Gallery: 'The Divine' - TRUE STORY
Date: 25/10/2005
Description: Sunday 15 July 2001, 10.00 am: I was walking in the gates in front of the community hall heading towards the church of St Euphimias, Bankstown. I was stopped by a flat palm of a young male with long hair, dressed oddly. He was kneeling, looking up right into my eyes, then straightened up without blinking. I stopped and turned around facing him.

The church was full of people. All of a sudden all the people disappeared. He crossed his legs, 1 step and he stopped; crossed 3 steps back and stopped, another 3 to my right backwards and stopped; 3 straight to my right and stopped, then crossed 2 forward and was right in front of me. While he was crossing his feet backwards and sidewards, he formed the perfect square (which means the whole world and he was in it).

He showed me the sign which had red writing, (I would say blood red in colour) from large to small writing. I read the sign quickly which said “Would you give me $2.00 as I am deaf and dumb” and there was a lot more to read. But being in a hurry I said “sorry I can’t”.

While he was crossing his feet I saw no shoes, no stitching on his clothes, his pores on his face were thoroughly clear, no wrinkles anywhere, no eyebrows or lashes showing, no hair out of place and hair shining, just a curl clearly showing on his left side. There was not a pimple or freckle, no crinkles on his clothes. His nails were perfect (better than any parlour). He was too perfect! So, I thought “He does not need a thing!”.

The most striking thing was his face had no expression, just looking right into my eyes, remained non-judgmental and emotionless all the time.

The priest Father Michael had seen him though he gave him no money. The scripture coordinator saw him once though his sign was written in Greek. She gave him fish and salad but no money.

The teacher and I wished we could see him again to dress him and give him all that we have (as he was in “jailed” light blue & white striped clothes with a vest with slightly larger stripes).

I thought (after about 1 month) “he might be an Angel” but at around 30-33 years of age and so perfect there is only one… and that is Jesus.

I studied and acquired the techniques and knowledge required to paint this portrait and I have received confirmation that it is exactly like him. A total of 4 years to accomplish my goal.

Angie ‘K’ (Angela Kolistasis) Click here for My Poem

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